Director's Message

Pexpo was launched in 2014, with the mission to get rid of plastic bottles used for a longer period and contributing to saving the nature from toxic plastic pollution. I envisioned to create a world of difference by offering a sustainable alternative to plastic and positivity impacting the global environment. I believed, if we create fashionable & sustainable stainless steel bottles, it would reduce the usage of disposable plastic bottles.


I started with a mission to reach out to every household in India and manufacturing capabilities that reduce the usage of imported products in quantity and reliability.


Four years later, I can proudly say that we are fastest growing stainless steel bottle manufacturing company in the country. We are making big differences by the amount of plastic we’re keeping out of landfills and our waterways. I get incredibly delighted, whenever I see a Pexpo bottle. Not only do our bottles work great, they also help accomplish great work.


We thank all our buyers for supporting us in our mission to bring the needed change in the world. Together we can bring a safe & pollution-free environment for future.

single wall stainless steel water bottle

The One & Only – Largest Single Wall

Stainless Steel Manufacturing

We are proud to be India’s BIGGEST steel bottle manufacturers. Our strong distribution network across 15-states and committed workforce of 250 employees ensures a production capacity of 6-7 lakh bottles a month! That makes us the World's 4th LARGEST single-wall steel bottle manufacturers. We are honoured to brand every bottle with the Pexpo identity, because it speaks of the quality and performance promise. 

A Pledge Against

Plastic Bottles

Did you know that annual bottling plastics around the world today is polluting the oceans, killing 1.1 million marine creatures every year, and releasing 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide and BPA chemicals into the atmosphere? A simple switch to steel bottles today can impact the future for generations. JUST SAY NO TO PLASTIC BOTTLES! TAKE YOUR PLEDGE 

Vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle

Balancing Design, Utility & Practicality

Enjoy the refreshing choice of six patented colours including Black Knight, Denim Blue, Sangria, Crimson Red, Polished Steel and Fossil Grey. Every collection is created for a highly specialized purpose and includes single-wall and vacuum bottle options. The modern packaging designs deliver aesthetics, safety, health and hygiene for the consumer.

An Insulated Water bottle should be in your checklist if you are planning for outdoor adventure or a trip. Basically Insulated bottles are well designed for keep liquids in their original form like keep cold liquids colder and hot liquid hotter for a longer time periods( usually in Hrs). So a review, while considering for an insulated water bottle here are certain things which you should keep in mind like what is the form of insulation has been used (ceramic or stainless steel) , sealing cap/lid should be good in tightening and other factors are like Vacuum insulated stainless steel, shape, Volume, durability etc.

Usually Waking up early to get into the outing for travelling, planned trip, hiking often leaves little time for a coffee in the morning, and your only option is to take some with you in a thermos bottle. You should also consider insulated bottles in different volumes which generally comes as Thermos water bottle 1 litre, half litre and others ranges.

Our Modern

Manufacturing Facility

The modern manufacturing facility is spread out over 1.5 acres in Sonipat, Haryana. World-class machinery and automation takes place here daily; from pipe welding to cutting, bending, bulging, the entire process requires precise tools and machinery. Ancillary processes like CNC shaping, PLC trimming, tooling and electroplating, sand blasting and much more are all done exclusively at the unit.

25 Well-Defined


100 tonnes of steel are moulded and crafted into bottles for India and the world, daily. From sheet to a bottle,  the transformation journey has 25 well-defined steps. 13 steps of quality checks ensure every bottle passes the stringent quality standards. Quality compliance certifications include BSCI, SQP, SEDEX 4 PILLAR, WCA, ICS, ISO. The products are tested for triple leakage, double vacuum and third-party testing. A 3-level inspection process is carried out for each product and manually checked for scratches, flashes or dents.