Make a difference. Make it personal.
Your personalized Pexpo products

Are you looking for a meaningful, functional, and long-lasting gift for clients, employees, distributors, or dealers? Look no further! Choose from Pexpo’s elegant and sustainable range of products that can be co-branded as per your need. After all, what can be a better gift for the environment and for those who matter than an eco-friendly product?

Minimum order quantity

We cater to bulk orders. The minimum order quantity is 3000 for each SKU.

Production time

Our production time is 45 -60 days from the dates of approval. The time will depend upon the order quantity.


We ship across India as per the requirement.


Discount available on orders beyond 10,000 pcs.


Co-branding artwork will appear on the side opposite to the pexpo logo.

Bottle engraving/Print area

500ml: 35mm x 90mm
750ml: 35mm x 120mm
1000ml: 35mm x 150mm

Coffee cup engraving area

340ml: 30mm x 60mm
500ml: 35mm x 90mm


Additional personalisation or name engraving is available. Minimum order is 30 units.

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